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We provide professional training and development

through our professionally qualified staff.







 We encourage learning through experimentation, creativity,

imagination, originality, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership.





 We seek to demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct, celebrate honesty, encourage openness and cultivate trust amongst our students, staff and the community.






 We recognize and value the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of every individual within and outside the institution.



Welcome to ALMATEC Institute of Management Studies (ALMATEC). ALMATEC is built on the belief that the clients’/learners’ short stay here will be fruitful and the skills, knowledge and abilities they will acquire will enable them to be competitive in the business world. Each participant will be expected to develop skills that will lead to employability, either through self employment or by joining the job market. ALMATEC is built on the premise of self-reliance, positive living and trusting on a Higher Power - GOD.

To be the knowledge solution expert in the region.

  To provide market relevant practical business skills, competences, abilities and attitudes to our clients through training and capacity building.


Our learning model is based on allowing our clients and our students to experience the excitement in innovative learning, open-mindedness and peer learning. Each student is helped in determining his/her purpose in life, in addition to being guided into making life decisions from an informed and intelligent perspective. While pursuing their studies, students will be exposed to a wide range of existing careers to choose from. ALMATEC organizes field experiences for her students through orientation workshops, educational trips and field/industrial attachment. Our students are our most important clients and the management and the students are equal partners in the success of ALMATEC. Therefore, ALMATEC admits students of all backgrounds, race, national or ethnic origin. We also bring knowledge solutions to the client whenever the situation demands. In this regard, we organize specifically tailored short programmes for our clients. These programmes can take durations of two hour seminars to four-week workshops depending on our client’s needs. These seminars and workshops are held at the client’s venue of choice.

An applicant may write or email ALMATEC requesting for application forms, or download the forms from this website. Application forms should be returned to the ALMATEC duly filled, including all other requirements stated in the form. The application must be signed by the applicant. ALMATEC is not under any obligation to retain an application if no correspondence has been received within a six-month period.

Students do not necessarily have to physically come to ALMATEC to do course registration. Students at ALMATEC can access the on-line portal where they can view their profile, register on-line, view assignments, view their exam results, their fee statement, upcoming events, important dates, announcements, and also enjoy other services through the on-line ALMATEC portal. Each student must get log in rights from the web administrator.

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